Commercial Real Estate in Frederick, MD

When it comes to commercial real estate in Frederick, MD, those interested in commercial real estate know they can count on Rockpoint Commercial for all of their needs. From full-service property management and commercial real estate brokerage, to construction management and investment property consulting, Rockpoint Commercial has stood by hundreds of people, just like you, to guide them to a better location.

We’ve found that there is nothing more challenging to a business owner than finding and creating the right space for your business. Rockpoint Commercial has been behind some of the area’s most successful businesses and real estate deals, from creating advanced technical offices and medical spaces to coordinating the area’s biggest commercial real estate projects. From leasing to purchase, Justin and the Rockpoint team provide professional communication and lots of guidance. They take the challenge out of finding a new space and turn it into the joy it should be.


Our Services


Property Management

What if you could collect rent checks without worrying about lawn care, maintenance, and tenant requests? You can when you use our full property management services.


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

If you're looking to buy a property, find a lease that fits your needs, or locate a tenant or buyer to fulfill your investment objective of your property, look no further.

3 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Commercial Property

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