Is it Worth More to You?

Selling commercial real estate in Frederick, Maryland can be a very cautious and detail-oriented game. Selling real estate is unlike most other types of transactions, mainly due to the large sums of money involved. There are numerous factors that can a...
May 30, 2018

How Well Do You Know the Market?

“Knowledge itself is power.” – Francis Bacon There’s no denying that better knowledge leads to better decisions. That’s as true for commercial real estate decisions as it is for decisions in any other walk of life. Unlike common decisions...
May 29, 2018

25 Need-to-Know Commercial Real Estate Terms

If you’re not familiar with commercial real estate industry jargon, it can feel like a foreign language. If you’re confused by things like Differential Cash Flow or Load Factor, don’t worry – you’re not alone. But don’t lo...
May 3, 2018
commercial real estate price target

Biggest Commercial Property Pricing Mistakes

If you’re looking to sell commercial real estate, you understand firsthand the tension associated with pricing a property correctly. Perhaps you’ve investigated comparable properties to get an idea of price, only to have an app...
April 26, 2018

How do I Sell this Property?

Selling a commercial property takes careful consideration. To sell well, you can’t rush things. You also can’t wait around forever. And you need to know a lot about your property and situation. It can be a little intimidating, but with the righ...
April 23, 2018

Are your Expectations for your Property Realistic?

When you’re not familiar with a situation, it’s easy to have unrealistically high expectations. It’s understandable. You want your experiences to be good, and usually, your idea of good comes with a set of preconceptions...
March 26, 2018

The Cool Factor: The Real Value of Unique Commercial Fit-Outs

Sometimes, getting the most out of your commercial property means thinking outside of the box. Yes, there’s something to be said for doing what everyone else is doing – for modeling a space after countless other spaces tha...
February 28, 2018

How to Maintain Your Commercial Property During Winter

The winter months can be harsh. Sure, there are holiday celebrations and seasonal festivities. But, the short days, long nights, and bitter cold can make the season unpleasant for people and property alike. And, of course, there’s the sno...
January 5, 2018
commercial real estate security

How to Keep Your Commercial Property Secure

If you own commercial real estate, you know that keeping your property secure is vital – for maintaining both the value of your property, and the safety of your occupants and tenants. Strong security can prevent unfortunate events like vandal...
December 20, 2017

How to Invest in Your Commercial Real Estate Investment

The most valuable things are worth investing into. From relationships, to skills, to assets – if something is valuable, investing more into it is a good idea. It’s how value is enhanced and improved. It’s a princip...
November 10, 2017

A Beginner’s Guide to Subleasing

Growth is always an objective for businesses. While that’s a good thing, the small office space you’re currently leasing might not be big enough anymore. That’s a problem if you have multiple years left on your lease. This is one situation where...
October 2, 2017
property management in frederick

Property Management in Frederick is No Walk in the Park

Property management, especially property management in Frederick, isn’t an easy job. In fact, being a property manager probably means having to deal with more figurative fires than you care to – and probably a few real ones as well. It’s...

3 Signs You Need a New Property Manager

Change can be difficult – but sometimes, it’s necessary. Change can be an integral part of improvement, in both personal and business relationships. If you’re utilizing a property manager and are unsure about the quality of ...
July 6, 2017
property managers

Picking the Right Property Managers

You have commercial property you’d like to lease, but you’re not sure if you should do the work yourself or if you should hire property managers. While you think it might be easier – and most cost efficient – to do it yourself, hiring a...
June 21, 2017
property management

Handy Tips to Find the Right Property Management Company

You’ve invested time and money into your property in the hopes it will provide you with a significant return on your investment. This is why finding the right property management company is so incredibly important. Let’s b...
June 16, 2017
buying business property

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Business Property

Your company has grown over the years – to the point where you have more people than you have space. It’s time to expand, which is a great thing! It means your company is headed in the right direction. But buying business propert...
June 9, 2017
property management risks

Understanding the Risks Involved with Property Management

There will always be risks when it comes to property investment. Sometimes the risks are high, other times they’re quite low. As the theory goes, the higher the risk, the greater the gain, right? Even though movies and televi...
Selling Commercial Property in Frederick, MD

How to Sell Commercial Property in Frederick, MD

There’s a lot more to selling commercial property in Frederick, MD, than taking pictures of properties, cleaning up the parking lot of an area, and printing out signs. Doing all of the things you need to do in order to sell your prop...
May 26, 2017
finding tenants, keeping tenants, commercial real estate, property management

Finding – And Keeping – the Best Tenants

Finding tenants for your properties can be difficult. Keeping good tenants long term can be just as hard. Tenants will choose a property based on size, location, cost of rent, and a variety of other factors. We’ve already discussed ways to get t...
April 19, 2017
commercial real estate, frederick, commercial property, real estate

Touring Frederick’s Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

Looking for a new office or business location can be difficult. Commercial real estate can be found just about everywhere. Sometimes you find the right building, but not the right place. Other times, it’s the other way...
April 3, 2017